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Whirligig Contest - Build Your Own!

Make sure it whirls in the wind & win CASH prizes!

Open to everyone and all ages!

  • Kids
  • Amateurs & Students
  • Professional metal smiths & businesses

Build a whimsical, colorful and kinetic outdoor sculpture made of found materials.


Build it high, low, wide or with a theme – just build it!

Whirligig creations will be scored on creativity, construction,
whirl factor, and use of recycled materials.
2014 Winners:
  • Amateur = John Wright
  • Professional = City of Wilson Water Dept.
  • Kids = no entries

Scoring Criteria:

Creativity-Theme, colors, shapes and images

Construction-Sturdiness, method of assembly, materials and craftsmanship

Whirl Factor-Kinetic properties powered by wind

Recycled- Repurposed or found materials


Winners Announced @ Festival!  
All participants will be recognized and winners announced on stage, just before the final band performance on Saturday, November 3.  Winners will be recognized and presented thier prizes around 3 pm 
at the entertainment stage near BB&T. 


Building a Whirligig Guidelines:

• Whirligigs must be made out of recycled or found materials.

• Whirligigs must whirl by only wind power.

• Design must be free-standing, stable, ready for display and able to withstand weather conditions.

• Contestants may not resubmit the same whirligig as
submitted in previous year’s contests. Reusing parts of previously
judged whirligigs is acceptable however significant changes
must be obvious.

 • Entries must be delivered and set up on Friday evening, 7 - 10 pm.
during Vendor load in and will remain on display for the entire festival. 

• Give it a name! Each whirligig must be labeled, or identired in some way, with a "name" for the sculpture.  This assists both spectator and judges in identifying your whirligig.
  • • Entries forms must be submitted with a photo, drawing or sketch
    of the sculpture to help judges match the whirligig with the creator/artist.
  • • All whirligigs must be picked up Sunday by 7 pm or they become property of the Wilson Whirligig Festival

    How to Enter:

    Print out the Whirligig Contest information and Entry Form at the bottom of this page.

    Complete the form and attached a photo or sketch of the whirligig.



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