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Applications 2022 NC Whirligig Festival

Give It A Whirl!

NC Whirligig Festival – 2022 Vendor Guidelines 

All vendors participating in the festival must agree to abide by the guidelines provided below. Signature on a submitted application conveys agreement. 

1.     All vendors are advised to print and keep a copy of these guidelines for your own records.

2.     The NC Whirligig Festival and all participants will follow the State of North Carolina, Wilson County and federal guidelines regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. As health concerns change, the festival policies may adjust accordingly. All vendors must follow the guidelines required at the time of the festival. Participants not following the guidelines risk being dismissed from the festival and risk admission into future festivals. 

3.     The NC Whirligig Festival is a diverse and inclusive event that incorporates vendors, organizations and sponsors that are supportive of our mission to welcome the whole community. 

4.     The main focus of the festival is to highlight the Vollis Simpson Whirligigs, true artisans and a mix of family entertainment, music, food vendors and to support our local non-profit organizations.

5.     The festival zone is located in the heart of Historic Downtown Wilson, NC as street festival held within several blocks of closed streets. 

6.     Once a booth application is submitted, the application fee will be charged immediately. The application will be reviewed by the Festival Director and designated Vendor Chair. Upon approval, the vendor will be contacted and the booth fees processed as identified in the application. Once accepted, the booth application is non-refundable. Any vendor waitlisted may resubmit materials for further consideration. Any vendor denied may apply again next year. All decisions by the Festival Director and Vendor Chair are final.

7.     The NC Whirligig Festival is an inclusive environment. If at any point a vendor’s items, products, services or promotions become divisive, exclusionary or offensive the vendor will have the opportunity to take corrective actions or be dismissed from the festival.  The decision of the Festival Director is final. 

8.     All types of vendors, nonprofit organizations, educational groups, food vendors, faith-based organizations, commercial vendors, political organizations and sponsors are mixed within each block of the festival. Neighboring vendors may be similar or very different from your type of vending. 

9.     The festival is held rain or shine. The festival will only be cancelled by order of the Governor.  Should an act of God, pandemic or other events beyond the control of the festival planners cause a cancellation, vendor fees will carry forward to the next year’s festival. 

10.  Booth space is simply that – space. The standard booth space is 12 feet wide and 10 feet deep. This easily allows for a 10 ft x 10 ft tent. Vendors must provide their own tent, tables, chairs and displays. 

11.  Any vendor booth set up that reaches beyond 12 feet wide by 10 feet deep must apply for a double or triple booth space. Food vendors, commercial vendors and sponsors are reminded any trailer, structure or vehicle must fit within the 10x12 ft space. 

12.  Tents must be weighted down properly for safety. The American Tent Association recommends 40 lb weights per leg. November is a windy month and this is a crucial safety issue for all vendors and attendees.

13.  Every vendor must have a minimum of a 5-pound fire extinguisher with a current service tag. 

14.  Vendors are expected to participate both days of the festival, Saturday 10 am – 5 pm and Sunday, 12 noon to 5 pm. Any vendor shutting down early or skipping a day will not be considered for future festivals. 

15.  It is against NC Fire Code regulations for a vendor to extend past the outlined measurements of their booth as provided. Vendor may not exceed the limits of the rented booth space, including tent, displays and storage of materials. 

16.  Sidewalks may not be used for storage as downtown businesses are open and operating during the festival.

17.  Food vendors are required to set up on Friday night in preparation for the Health Department Inspections. All vendors are encouraged to set up their booth, tables and display equipment on Friday night. 

18.  Vendor Load in and Breakdown is a very busy and hectic time for everyone. Patience, flexibility and understanding is required. Vendors must follow the directions of the festival planners, volunteers and Wilson Police Department for setup, traffic flow and parking. Friday night and Saturday early morning load in time is for a quick drop off supplies. After parking in the designated Vendor Parking Lot, vendors may return to set up their booths. During Sunday’s break down, vendors should have all supplies packed and stacked before bringing in their vehicles into the festival zone. Vendors are asked to streamline unloading and reloading supplies to keep traffic flowing. 

19.  Vendors may leave their booth structures, tents, tables and equipment set up overnight on Saturday. The festival recommends storing away merchandise in locked and/or secure storage units. Traffic will not be allowed to enter the festival zone. Foot traffic to a small handful of restaurants and pubs are allowed after festival hours. The Wilson Police Department will patrol the festival zone 24 hours a day from Friday to Sunday, however they cannot provide individual security for each booth. 

20.  Vendor sale prices must be in line with the price range submitted on the application. Vendors selling unapproved items or inflated prices will be allowed to take corrective actions or will be immediately dismissed from the festival. 

21.  Music, sounds, shouting or sales “barking” during the festival is discouraged. All vendors must manage their customer lines. Sound and waiting customers may not interfere with the operation of neighboring vendors and/or entertainment stages. 

22.  Only approved vendors will be allowed to conduct business at the NC Whirligig Festival. 

23.  Vendors are only permitted to sell items within their approved category. For example, an arts and crafts vendors may not sell food. A food vendor may not sell arts and crafts. Any cross over sales must be included in the initial applications must be approved by the Vendor Chairs of both categories. 

24.  Solicitation, strolling sales and wandering to pass out information, handbills or brochures is prohibited during the festival. Vendors must remain within their designated booth area. Hint: You must be within reach of your tent at all times.  If you can’t touch your booth, you are too far away. 

25.  Vendors must provide a NC Sales Tax number, which can be obtained from the NC State Revenue office. Vendors are responsible for the license, sales tax and shipping related to their sales.

26.  Vendors are responsible for their own insurance. The festival will not be held liable for any damages to you, your merchandise, equipment or those shopping at your booth. 

27.  The City of Wilson provides large trash receptacles throughout the festival. Vendors may use these for general trash. Trash may not be left piled on curbs, sidewalks or in the streets.  Food vendors must dispose of their own waste, grease and grey water. Grey water disposal sites will be identified. 

28.  Illegal paraphernalia cannot be sold or displayed. 

29.  Booth assignments and locations are determined by the NC Whirligig Festival Site Committee in collaboration with the Vendor Chairs for each category. The assignments will be sent to all vendors in late-October along with a Vendor Confirmation packet of additional information. The packet will include a parking pass, map, load in and break down reminders and schedule. 

30.  The NC Whirligig Festival holds private the names and contact information of all vendors. Information is not shared or sold to any third-party organization. 

31.  Vendors are recommended to print and keep a copy of this application for your records.  

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